Who is Dr Stella Immanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel is a Texas based doctor from Nigeria who claims that COVID-19 can be treated with hydroxychloroquine. Here is what we know about her

Dr. Stella Immanuel with Americas Frontline Doctors based out of Texas had a press conference on July 27, 2020 about hydroxychloroquine being a drug that is capable of treating COVID-19. Mainstream media went on the attack stating that she is wrong and some even went as far as to say that she is not a licensed doctor. They are trying to discredit her publically so that American citizens will not know the truth. The media says that hydroxychloroquine has side effects, but if you think about it, all other FDA approved drugs have side affects as well and they tell you this in the commercials. So why make it sound like hydroxychloroquine is the only one with possible side effects? I have done some research to learn more about Dr. Stella Immanuel and this is what I found.

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Original video posted on July 27, 2020

Here is here latest video as of July 28, 2020

She is licensed in Texas
She is listed in PECOS database
She is listed in NPI database
She is listed on Healthcare for People website
She worked at Concord Medical Group
She worked at Hodges Emergency Group
Here is a video of her from 2012 before she was married
She is also a believer in Christ. Video from 2012

Enter NPI Number 1902947120

State of Texas Medical Licensing
Enter License# S3994

PECOS Lookup
Enter NPI # 8123067543

This is how hydroxychloroquine works scientifically
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIymfznD7YA For Hydrochrloriquine

Look at how the media is against hydroxychloroquine. You have to ask yourself why?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC-h7rnZW3k Against Hydrochloriquine


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