1. How often does TippyTV pay out tips?
Answer: Every Friday as long as you meet the minimum payout requirement of $10.

2. How can I receive my payments from TippyTV?
Answer: You are paid via PayPal. There is an optional TippyTV Visa Debit Card available for our users. There is a one time set-up fee of $9.99 and there is no credit check and no monthly fees. Your tips will be deposited directly to your Visa card for you to use whenever and whereever you want.

3. How can TippyTV keep me from being demonetized?
Answer: We cannot stop you from being completely demonetized but once your followers start tipping you, other platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or others sites cannot stop the flow of cash you make through TippyTV. This puts you in complete control of how and when you make money.

4. How can I make money if my social media account is suspended?
Answer: TippyTV advises it’s users to monetize across as many platforms as possible tagging all your content with your TippyTV user name, so in the event that one of your multiple accounts gets suspended you’ll still make money.

5. How much does TippyTV get per tip and why?
Answer: TippyTV gets 5% of each transaction. A part of that goes into advertising so we can make viewers aware globally about this new way of supporting content creators like you through video campaigns etc. Also we are developing new tools and ways to help users maximize their income earning potential like our video Enders. Our competition leaves all the hard work up to their users who are already busy making content, let us help do some of the work for you. In addition to the 5% that goes to TippyTV there is a standard credit card processing fee of $0.30 plus 2.9% per transaction paid to credit card processor.

6. Why use TippyTV vs other companies?
Answer: We advise you to use all methods of monetizing, why stop at one? It’s all about the content creators offering as many options as possible to their followers to support them financially. One of the many advantages of using TippyTV is we allow a one-time payment. Most people won’t commit to having another bill or monthly payment. Plus our video Enders take the awkwardness out of asking for financial support. And we advertise to let your followers know how to support you through TippyTV.

7. When I tag all of my content with my TippyTV user name how will my followers know how to tip me?
Answer: Tell all your followers about this new way to support you financially, it’s not just for you it’s for them too. We’ll be introducing new marketing videos for you to share with your followers. This is how we will normalize tipping, through sharing, word of mouth, and marketing. The more people that know, the more money you make so SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

8. How can Instagram models and others make money using TippyTV?
Answer: Modelling is a hot topic and very popular but many models are not fully capitalizing on their talents. Photos of models are very popular but how can you make money with your photos? Start tagging your photos with your TippyTV user name and tell your followers how they can support you financially through TippyTV. Another hot topic is any type of “Try On Haul” videos for bikini swimsuits and other apparel. Real Life Videos are gaining in popularity also. Tag all of your content with your TippyTV user id, share our videos and promotional materials, and use our video Enders which will advise your followers on this easy new way of supporting you financially.

9. My How To videos get lots of views and save people time and money, how can TippyTV help me make money?
Answer: How to videos are often extremely helpful, and most people have used them at one time or another. Many people want to thank you but don’t want to pay you monthly, so a one time tip is a great alternative. So tag your videos with your TippyTV user id and use our video enders and that’s it. Also share our promotional materials with your followers. As tipping become normalized you’ll even be able to use our Tippy Social feature by adding your user name to you comment which will allow users to tip people in the comment section for useful information.