How to Make Money withTippyTV?

Monetize Content

TippyTV allows you to add a TippyTV tag to your content and within minutes you can start earning money


You can now make money from your social media comments with TippySocial. Get paid for doing what you do!

Tipping is Normal

Entertainers, concierges, waiters, mechanics, and others get tipped for their work. Why shouldn't you?

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The Problem and The TippyTV Solution

Many content creators have seen their videos demonetized as of February 20, 2018 and many content creators are upset about this. But most will never contemplate harming others because there are always other and better ways to monetize content and TippyTV is one of those options. On April 4, 2018 the unthinkable happend over demonetization and content filtering. The video below tells the story:

This YouTuber goes on a shooting rampage at YouTube's Headquarters

Explanation of YouTube's Demonetization

This content creators livelyhood has been destroyed because of demonetization

The Problem

1. Creating quality content takes a lot of effort, hardwork and money. If you are not a celebrity it may be difficult to amass a following large enough to start generating income.

2. YouTube will not allow content creators with less than 4,000 viewing hours over 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to become YouTube Partners.

3. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and most other platforms do not offer a way for the content creator to make money on content that they spent time, effort and money creating. Before TippyTV the only option was to sell ad space directly to advertisers or find sponsors.

4. Crowdfunding your video sounds like a good idea on the surface, but many content creators don't feel comfortable doing it and many of those who tried were unsuccessful.

The TippyTV Solution

TippyTV Tools

In order for this movement to be successful it requires a collaborative effort between you the content creator and your fans / viewers to help normalize this concept of supporting quality content. Although TippyTV does a lot of promotions, we encourage all content creators to post and share the promotional material in your toolbox with your viewers / fans so they can assist us in educating content consumers on the benefits of tipping.

1. TippyTV will provide graphics that can be used on your website, social media page, and other places in an effort to encourage tipping.

2. TippyTV will provide short audio and HD videos PSA’s to be used at the end of your videos if you choose and internet videos you can share promoting support for content creators.

3. TippyTV will provide tutorials on how the system works and techniques you can use to MAXIMIZE 100% of your old and new content 24 hours a day.

You can access the TippyTV tools by Clicking Here or by using the navigation link at the top of the page.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy and fast. An active mobile phone is required to signup and you can get the app at the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores. Once you have the app installed you can then register and begin monetizing your content.

Top 10 Reasons to Use TippyTV

  • You can make money with your videos, regardless of the amount of subscribers or watch hours you have. So even if you have none of the above you can still make money.

    When using TippyTV you can make money from your videos the first day you post it whether you have subscribers or not, or whether you have watch hours or not. Let's say your very first video goes viral, on youtube and other sites you won't make any money but with TippyTV you can.

  • Demonetization is almost virtually impossible when using TippyTV, so feel free to be yourself.

    Now let's talk about Demonetization, with TippyTV you can add an extra layer of protection from being demonetized. Let's say your youtube video or videos get demonetized, if you're also using TippyTV to monetize these same videos youtube can't stop the monetization process on TippyTV's platform unless they remove your video completely which would stop the ad revenue for them too making it a losing situation for both sides. Which may be why they often only demonetize you the user, but not remove your videos so they can keep raking in the dough.

    It's extremely hard to get demonetized on the TippyTV platform unless you do something clearly heinous. Our goal is to see you prosper and grow. People that make money make more videos, people that get demonetized often lose hope and quit. We're content creators ourselves so we understand the many challenges of creating content like annoying ads. We understand that not all creators want ads playing during their videos which is also why TippyTV is a great option for making money and not having tons of annoying ads play during your videos which can affect your views when users click away from it.

  • Go ahead and re-post your old content, you'll still make money with TippyTV.

    Now let's talk about reposting content. TippyTV believes that reposting content is smart when done strategically. There's new users signing up each day that haven't viewed your content. So reposting can sometimes breathe new life into your video that otherwise may fall into obscurity. The problem is, on youtube you'll get demonetized for this practice but not with TippyTV.

  • TippyTV was created by content creators, for content creators and users.

    How does TippyTV work? You download our app and sign up. Once you create your TippyTV user Id, tag all of your content with your new user id. Tag your photos, videos, comments, and any other content. After that share our promotional videos located under the “More” tab and select “Videos” on our app. Once your content is tagged and posted, users will then be able to enter your user name on our app to tip you directly to your new TippyTV Visa card or paypal account. Our payouts are every two weeks with an option for expedited payments. So the key is to promote TippyTV to help normalize tipping. With our affiliate program your followers can sign up under your specific affiliate account by entering your user name when registering. You'll get paid each time they tip. It's like having your very own company under TippyTV. Download the TippyTV app and go to www.TippyTVapp for more information.

  • It's time for Instagram models and others to start making money with their photos by using TippyTV.

    Now let's talk Photos, Instagram models are hugely popular on social media. Their photos are often screenshot and saved, shared, photo shopped, etc. But these models rarely make money with these photos, until now. When you tag your photos with your TippyTV user id, your followers can now send tips directly to your TippyTV Visa Card or paypal account through our app. TippyTV considers photos to be valuable content, whether it's a photo of a model, a car, flower, landscape or anything of interest. Photo's are often considered 2nd place to video but we disagree, all content should be monetized. You have nothing to lose, so start tagging your photos today with your TippyTV username.

  • TippyTV has created a way for virtually anyone to make money regardless of age, talent, or lack of. So even if you don't post videos you can make money with TippyTV.

    TippyTV is all inclusive. What we mean by this is not everyone can sing, dance, have model looks, produce music, or have any special talents, or even want to make videos. With our TippyTV social feature you can get tips from your comments. For example: If you're watching a video on how to fix your car but there's a step missing from the video preventing you from fixing your issue but another user posts the missing step in the comment section along with their TippyTV user id, you can leave them a tip through our app. We believe that comments are the new content. How many times have you started watching a video and went straight to the comment section or started reading an article and went straight to the comment section? We all have. There's value in comments, why should the social media giants be the only ones to make money off the time you spend on their apps? We predict people will tip for comments and information especially on How To videos, tutorials, funny comments, inspirational thoughts, etc. TippyTV Social will create a new way for everyone to have an opportunity to make money, like teenagers, stay at home moms, college students, the disabled, the unemployed, or anyone that wants to make extra money by doing what you do anyway, which is post comments on pre-existing videos. Tippy TV wants everyone to have an opportunity to make money whether they're a content creator or general user. So help us normalize tipping by sharing our videos, tip other users, and spread the word about TippyTV.

  • You can monetize your content on almost any platform by using TippyTV.

    The convenience of TippyTV is your content stays wherever it's currently hosted. Just start tagging all your content with your TippyTV user name, share our videos, and start telling people about TippyTV to help normalize tipping. This will be a game changer people, it's time for content creators and users to have some level of control concerning how and when they make money. So download the TippyTV app today, share our videos, and tell everyone you know about TippyTV.

  • No more awkwardness when it comes to asking for money, we do that for you with our TippyTV Video Enders.

    Now let's talk about asking for money. Asking for financial support from your followers can be weird and uncomfortable. That's why we created video Enders, to put at the end of your videos. It's a 12 second video pitch by our voiceover professionals to advise viewers on how to leave you a tip through our app. Not everyone is going to see a link you posted in the description field for financial support, or be receptive to your pitch which is why we have voiceover professionals on staff. The responses to our video Enders have been overwhelmingly positive and they are category based. You can view them in our TippyTV app under the “More” tab, “Toolbox”, “Video Enders”. Once you select the enders you wish to use, tag them with your TippyTV username. If you do not tag the enders, users won't know who to tip unless you post your TippyTV user name on screen at all times.

  • Do you have subscribers or followers? You can get paid each time one of your followers leaves anyone a tip, when using TippyTV.

    Our affiliate program allows your followers to sign up under your specific affiliate account by entering your user name when registering. You'll get paid each time they tip. It's like having your very own company under TippyTV. Download the TippyTV app and go to for more information.

  • You want a solution? Well here it is, TippyTV.

    We watched many videos from various users and influencers like you voicing your concerns about monetizing content, and we addressed these many issues in our new content monetizing system. This is why TippyTV is the answer to most, if not all the problems we face as content creators and users. So help us normalize tipping by sharing our videos, tip other users, and spread the word about TippyTV. You wanted a solution? Well here it is. TippyTV.